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Default In response to rmannstaedt...

I'd like to start off by saying that I mean no personal offence towards you. I don't what this to be a negative flame war.

I do, however, think that you have not quite grasped the entirety of the mistake that I pointed out in the Inquirer's article. Here is the quote again:

"A JAPANESE WEB SITE claims to have inside information that indicates Nvidia will introduce its next graphics chip technology in the first quarter of new year, so missing the hectic Yuletide selling season."

I assume that you have read, in its entirety, my translation ( of the Japanese web site article in question (or read the original in case you do read Japanese). If you have, you will notice that the author does at no point claim "to have inside information". Nor does he even make speculation that "indicates Nvidia will introduce its next graphics chip technology in the first quarter of new year".

The above quote from the Inquirer (and they are the Inquirer's own words, mind you) has nothing to do with humor. It does not even come down to stating rumor. What it is, is a plain, straight fabrication. And while it may have been unintentional, it is still nothing more than a fabrication.

I will have you know, that I would still give an amount a respect to the Inquirer if they had given an effort to understand the mistake after I pointed it out to them. The emails that I have received from them, however, indicate no such effort. They apparently do not care of the accuracy of their journalism to a significant degree, something that disappoints me greatly.

I have no problem with people reporting rumor. I also have no problem if they want to try to be somewhat humorous while they do so. I do, however, have a large problem when people make conclusive statements like the one above, despite the inaccuracy of them. I have an even larger problem if no effort is made to correct mistakes once they have been made clear. The Inquirer, unfortunately, fits into the category of Ďan even larger problem' as I see it.
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