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Default Re: GeForce Go 7900 GS black flash screen

There comes a point when you have to just laugh about it, otherwise you "spin yourself into a frenzy." With more and more users utilizing 3D desktop managers, I am sure this thread will be resurrected many more times. I think the inheirent problem with nvidia, and with most companies out to make a buck (which is no fault of their own) is that legacy hardware that has issues with newer software isn't seen as a big issue, or worth the time to troubleshoot and fix since the consumer already owns the hardware so nvidia isn't losing money or customers. Most nvidia development with the powermizer and the driver in general is all post 8800 series now. I don't think we will ever get this into a future driver.

Tack on that less than 2% of the market with nvidia cards are running Gnu/Linux and you know, if I was in nvidia I probably wouldn't care either since those who want this problem fixed will more likely than not figure it out for themselves.

So yeah, it is very laughable, on many levels.

Have a great weekend.
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