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Default Re: cl_strengthscale Question

Hi everyone,

Haven't had much PC time over the last couple of days, but I have managed to get it finally working in the Crysis mod menu. I did have the info.xml file in the right place, but the xml file has to be formatted exactly right, and mine wasn't quite there. Now that it is, the mod is recognised by Crysis without the command line. Problem is, when you load it up via the Crysis mod menu, you cannot select any of your old save games (so you would probably need to start a new game). The post that *magic* linked to would indicate this is by design in Crysis (you load a mod, you have to start a new game), so you may have to load it via the command line after all if you wish to use your current save games. Anyway, I have zipped up what I have so far and have attached it to this post.

The Sandbox2 manual indicates that you should zip up the 'game' folder first and name it 'gamedata.pak'. That's not strictly necessary, but I've done it anyway (it can never hurt following what is in the manual). Basically, to install it, you just need to unzip it to the correct directory structure. Assuming your game is installed to C:\Program Files\Crysis, then you need to unzip this to:
C:\Program Files\Crysis\Mods\
The way the zip is structured SHOULD (I say should because it to a certain extent depends on how you unzip it) hopefully create a 'punchingmod' folder just below the mods folder, giving you:
C:\Program Files\Crysis\Mods\PunchingMod - and inside the 'punchingmod' folder should be a xml, a jpg and a pak. If it doesn't unzip correctly, just unzip it to a temp folder somewhere, and then simply move the files across to the correct folder path. Now just load up Crysis, and select it from the Mod menu. If you want to use your current saves, change the Crysis shortcut command line, so the Target line reflects what is in the attached jpg. According to what I've read on crymod, the devmode switch is currently required to load a mod from the command line. The info I gathered indicates that this was a mistake on Crytek's part which they plan to rectify in a later patch. Oh, one last thing - when you load up the mod, you need to also enable cl_strengthscale. There are a few ways to do this - you can do it via an autoexec.cfg file, you can edit the diff .cfg files in ...Crysis\Game\Config\ or you can do it via the console when in Crysis itself. Open up the console (~) type in con_restricted = 0, press Enter and then enter cl_strengthscale = 3000 and press Enter. Personally I've edited the diff .cfg files, I hate typing that in everytime I load Crysis but it is up to you. Also, the 3000 can be any value you wish - the default in Crysis is '1'.

At the moment, I would call this a 0.8 release, as I haven't had time to check out those couple of crosses (I've only had time to play with the mod detection since I've logged on today), but at least anyone else wishing to can have a play with it.

A final note on the mod too - I set the damage in the xml files to 6000. A value such as 8000 produces a more impressive distance (I don't know what the maximum allowable value is), but I turned it back to 6000 because I wanted to see the people land after I had thrown them. At 8000, frequently the people would just fly out of sight, even with binoculars enabled. Feel free to change this value to whatever you wish.

@*magic*: Which unrealistic things were you referring to? Like a lot of games, Crysis has a small amount of things hardcoded into the engine and the rest is basically based on scripts (frequently lua, You extract the relevant xml file from the installed pak files, edit it to suit your tastes, and then load that back into Crysis itself. To make changes to this mod, you simply have to make changes to the xml files inside gamedata.pak (there is only two of them, Fists.xml and OffHand.xml). The trick is to work out what you need to change to get the desired result. There are some experienced scripters around who could probably point you to the exact line in an instant, but I'm not one of them so I had to take the other route - trial and error. I had to extract the files from the Crysis installed pak's, make 'change x' to 'file y', load up Crysis and see what the effect was. It took a couple of hours to get it to where it is at the moment (most of that admittedly was loading Crysis, it isn't the fastest loading game ever coded). Admittedly there are some things that you just can't change with the scripts (some are hardcoded into the Crysis engine itself and would require Crytek to change them), but I don't believe this is one of them. Anyway, if you let me know which ones you were referring to, I might be able to guide you to the correct values.


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