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Default Re: nHancer feedback thread

Originally Posted by Grestorn
DV as in "digital video"?

Unfortunately, no. At least not unless I take over the profile mechanism. Same problem as with overclocking and fan control. As long as I leave the driver in charge of activating profiles, I'm limited to the settings the driver recognizes in profiles.

Taking over the profile mechanism would mean to open a whole different can of worms... I often asked myself if I should do it, but I think it's really not worth it. Not with tools like RivaTuner around.
I'd actually very much like an option in nHancer to allow it rather than the driver to be in charge of profiles. You could tuck it away into an obcsure menu somewhere and threaten the onset of armageddon, activate at your own risk, you'd better have your system backed up first, etc if necessary to keep noobies away from it.

Just recently had to fight the retarded driver over settings for NOLF1/2 because the driver would see the lithtech.exe (and profile options for it) in Terrawars, Tron and Contract Jack before it would see the exe for NOLF1/2, no matter how you entered the executable path. The solution? set every single game mentioned to identical profile settings... fortunately it didn't cause issues with NOLF1/2...

Seriously, why hasn't nvidia offered you employment yet? The driver profile handling is craptacular.

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