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Default Re: cl_strengthscale Question

Hi bob,

Yeah, they do actually, even with the value set to 6000 (though I've just remembered that the value for the throwing of NPC's is set separately, and I increased that from 1.8 to 10 - the 6000 is only for the punching and melee). I think it depends a bit on the angle you release them at. Grabbing someone and then looking straight up into the sky and then throwing them gives them a pretty good distance, but grabbing them and looking directly horizontal means they don't go quite as far because they tend to hit the ground first. Actually, flinging people around the place has made me wonder what the best angle would be to get maximum distance from them

(and what happens when you grab someone, start running and then fling them - does the run up give you extra distance like it does with a shot-putter?) lol

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