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Default Nforce sounds like chipmunks? (Fixed) Now new problem.. :(

Well. I just spent the past 3 days getting my Adaptec 1210SA properly configured under RH8. No support for RH9 yet
Well, everything is done and I decided to load up some of my games to test out my new configuration. Here is where the problem starts, Majesty and a few other games have sound wich sounds like they are talking very fast, kinda like a chipmunk.

I have the 4363 vid drivers, and the 0261 nforce drivers. I used the .tar.gz of the drivers to install them.
I have had problems running the make, make install command with the full .tar file. So when I extract it I will go into each individual folder instead and do a make, make install, for each component on it's own, i.e. nvnet, nvagp (wich I know I don't have to do), and nvaudio.

Like I said the sound works but it sounds really fast like a chipmunk. Is there any way to fix this?


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