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Default Re: Age of Conan Official System Requirements

Originally Posted by darkrider01
Check my specs in my sig. In the beta right now I'm only getting around 30FPS @1920x1200 at high settings. It gets really choppy/nasty in towns when lots of peeps are around. It's a beast of a game. Closest comparison I can give is Oblivion as a MMO.

I guess I should turn everything down and give that a run. Also, I'm playing on XP in DX9. I can't imagine that it would run better/smoother in DX10.

On a lighter note, it is everything I had hoped it would be. It has a great story, great environment, lots of classes, good combat system, and it's gritty. This is the first beta that I have been involved in that I've just been dying to tell people about. I want to post screens and talk all about the crazy stuff they have in store, but the NDA prevents all that. Oh well...

It's a great MMO and anyone that loves the Conan universe and MMO's is gonna love it.
FYI - You already broke the NDA by posting that, so why not go all the way with SS/Vids :P It is against the NDA to even mention your in beta...Not that I care really, I'm just sayin...

BTW...When the hell is the "open" (ie. fileplanet, gamespot, etc) beta coming...Game comes in may so hopefully it will be in the next week or 2...

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