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Question Where's the kissy-face for nVnews?

Ok, it seems nVidia is actually realizing they have a problem and is now trying to do something to try and stop looking like the meanest/nastiest/evilest group of suits who ever ran a viddy card what's in it for nVnews?

Have they contacted you folks yet to do an interview or anything? I am STILL freaking this morning after reading on DriverHeaven that nVidia contacted Zardon to tell him that they WILL be allowing Omegadrive to start putting out nVidia drivers again and that they're going to be doing a big interview with DH about the recent "troubles" (Omegadrive news, nVidia membership required, sorry.)

So what have they been doing for the gang around here?

(BTW-No, they haven't sent me a card...not yet... )
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