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Default Re: If you aren't using Very High motion blur, you're missing some of the "wow"

I don't like motion blur... you could even say I hate it. One of the reasons I love PC is I can tailor the experience to what I like, which means no motion blur in any of my games. I mean... when I turn quickly it blurs realistically because of my eyes... adding blur to the game seems redundant and annoying to me.
Same here. You guys that like it can have your motion blur and depth of field. I'll gladly play without either (I'm not a big fan of the overbright effects of bloom and HDR either). I've spent my money to have the most eye candy I can get and the clearest/cleanest picture. Bluring the image is the last thing I want. If I wanted blur, I'll just go back about 10 generations of vid cards that run so slow, moving the mouse will make everything blur. Give me crisp, clean, and fast.

To each his own blur.
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