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Default Re: Druids: the end game

BTW, my response to this earlier comment now that I've become more seasoned in the game:

Originally Posted by thor1182
something from the WoW druid boards on feral pvp
In arena they are below average.
All brackets - You can find a rare case where a feral has some friends and he kinda hides and rides on their 5v5 team, but that is not the norm and the team would do better with almost any other class.
I haven't played arena yet so I can't comment here.

Originally Posted by thor1182
In BGs its a little more complicated.

Your the second best flagrunner next to Paladins.
If they dont know enough to Focus-Fire you early, you will cap allot of flags.
No, we're much better than pally. We have three huge advantages over pally: Much more opportunity to break snares, bear form which puts his armor and health to shame when we are focus fired (so long as we have a proper healer this helps a LOT,) and track humanoid in cat form which makes it much easier to avoid an ambush. And not to mention we run faster all around, and we also have dash for a nice 70% run speed when we need it. Just keep your pvp trinket handy and you are by far the best flag runner.

The notion that a paladin would be a better flag runner than a druid is just downright silly.

Originally Posted by thor1182
Your below average.
Stealth lets you surprise some people, and smart druids who use water form and the river system can really sneak past allot of enemy players at speed.
But in general unless you out gear your opponent, you will have a hard time killing anyone before they either heal up, get a heal or get some help.
Absolutely positively WRONG. Feral druid is awesome for sacking high dps ranged classes like hunters, mages, and warlocks who sit behind the tanks and the healers tend to ignore. Unlike rogues, when hunters and mages try to movement debuff us (frost nova, etc) we can instantly break as many times as we need to in order to quickly pursue and crush them. And once we sack their DPS, we can quickly escape to heal.

Originally Posted by thor1182
The spread nature of the battleground map and the value of your stealth really shine here.
Your still not valued for your ability to send your enemy to the graveyards, but your utility allows you to cap flags and generally cause mischief to the enemy.
This imho is the most fun a feral can have in the game in pvp currently.
Wrong, same reason as above. Seriously, whoever said this stuff really doesn't know how to play his class worth a sh*t. As a feral druid you can really rock a battleground. Hell, I often score either top or near the top in total damage done:

Honestly, for a class/spec that is supposedly "below average" in battlegrounds, how the hell am I often dominating AB in total damage done in the level 60-69 bracket at level 67 with only gear found from outlands quests?

Originally Posted by thor1182
1 v 1 duels
You will be hard to kill.
The simple fact that they cant run but so far away from the duel flag acts like a poor mans snare, giving you a boost in some way. You will do well here. If you outgear your opponent you will win.
He is right here, but for the wrong reason. Nobody can run from a feral druid who plays his class properly, period, duel flag limiting the range or not. Those who run when their health is low get moonfired and chased in travel form, followed by yet more moonfire until their guaranteed death.

Originally Posted by thor1182
To sum up:

Cat form deals decent dps - but has not snare or healing debuff.
Yes we do have a snare - a very good one too - nature's grasp can be cast from cat form. Excellent anti-rogue/warrior/hunters pet tool. Not to mention maim.

Originally Posted by thor1182
Cat also has poor survivability lacking all the utility of the rogue, but maintaining the weakness of the same.
Wrong. Barkskin and your 3 heal over time's make your survivability much better than a rogues. I can't tell you how many times I've had people complain about how they keep hitting me yet my health still continues to go up, even while they drop mortal strike on me.

Very often I end a fight with nearly all of my health intact, even though they did a lot of damage to me. Poor survivability my ass.

Also WRT feral druid vs rogue: Feral druids stuns and cripple shots are better than a rogues. Our pounce includes a very powerful bleed, his cheap shot does not. Our maim continues to work while our bleeds dot their health away and nothing will interrupt our cyclone, however, a rogues gouge and blind will break if you take any damage at all on the other hand, including poison and bleed dots. We easily keep him out of stealth and weaken his already weak armor with faerie fire, and even if he uses cloak of shadows, our bleeds will still keep him out of stealth preventing most of his more interesting tricks from working.

Originally Posted by thor1182
In most battles you will be forced into Bear form and at that moment, you have most likely lost the battle.

Bear form has great armor and HP, but almost no damage.- its almost a self induced Crowd Control and only postpones your death.
No. When you get focus fired in a BG, you have two options: Hit travel form and run back behind your stack where you can get healed or heal yourself (and anybody who follows you out of stealth gets singled out and dies.) Or, hit bear form and feral charge somebody who is closest to your stack for a nice instant dash, then go to travel and resume running. I have had much success using both of these tactics.

In world PVP, bear is quite viable if used correctly. Bash, demo roar, and lacerate (which is going to become yet more effective in the next patch) are all very good things to have.

Originally Posted by thor1182
I have played a feral druid for 3+ years and I approve of this message.
And after 3 years, this guy still doesn't know how to play his class.
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