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Default Re: Druids: the end game

lol you know what your problem is alpha, your not 70.

I played when things where capped at 60, and druids did not scale like other classes did, so we started to fall behind. Ferals where not worthless in BG's, but it was still tough.

Ferals have an ok time against Rogues, but it really depends on who jumped who first, and of course gear.

This guy is not far off on how it really is for ferals.

Come back to me when you have played with the real big kids for a few months, and not in the kiddie pool of sub 70 brackets. Feral can work, but it is no where God mode like you think it is. Once everybody else gets out of their greens you will find yourself on the other end.

edit: and if you haven't not seen a geared prot pally flag run, you don't know how funny it is to watch them work. They are damn hard to kill, and melee classes kill themselves trying to kill the pally.

edit2: what I have kept on saying, and you just have not run into because you are not 70 is druids DON'T SCALE with gear as well as other classes to. The biggest reason why is Blizzard fails at itemization, and we get screwed over by our weapons.
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