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Originally posted by digitalwanderer

Y'know, even when I worked there I was against the necessity of registration to read the forums and I still am....but they don't "have their collective heads" up their asses over there about it, they know it annoys a lot of people but feel it is required to keep the bandwidth costs down. (When DH started out it became a lot more popular a lot faster than anyone anticipated, and the way the costs kept jumping was astronomical! )
I wonder what takes more bandwidth.

1. Letting some people load a single page


2. Letting 75% of those people ignore it while 25% go through the process of registering, which is 3 or 4 different pages, an email, another page, and then FINALLY the right one. And then all of those promptly forget that DH exists, and reregister when they want to read something else at the forums. Oh, and in the process, you piss those 25% of people off.

A good way to reduce bandwidth costs? No Flash. Especially no Flash where no one will see it at the very bottom of the page.
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