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Default Need Help setting up TV and Surround system

I have an Onkyo HT-SR800, a Dish network ViP622 DVR, and a Samsung 46'' LNT4671F.

I have it connected like this:

HDMI from Sattelite to Onkyo HDMI 1 Input
HDMI from Onkyo HDMI output to TV Input
Optical audio out from Sattelite to Onkyo Optical 1 Input

I've connected it as it has told me to. The problem I am having is that when I turn my TV off, the Onkyo still plays sound. The only solution I have so far is to turn off my satellite receiver too when I'm not using my TV. The problem with that is, I just want to turn off my TV and have the sound turn off with it.
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