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Default 9600 GT, WoW, WINE- low fps black screen

Built a new system with quad core processor, 4 gb ram, and 9600 gt gfx (what was i thinking lol). I've installed drivers 171.06 beta (a few times) and the performance in WoW on WINE is worst than my laptops 5200 Go! Im using WINE 0.9.58 and Hardy 64 bit kernel 2.6.22-14. I've placed the settings on low throughout the game and am running in OpenGL with nice set to -16. Also, I've applied the registry tweak GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object. Despite doing this my FPS in cities can be as low as 8 and outside the fps doesn't go above 60. In glxgears fullscreen the produced fps is about 3500. My driver installation process was as follows:
1. Installed linux headers 2.6.22-14 through synaptic (terminal command didn't seem to work)
2. Edited /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common and added DISABLED_MODULES="nv nvidia_new" and DISABLED_MODULES="nv"
3. Ctrl+Alt+F1
4. Login regular
5. sudo killall gdm
6. cd /install/path/to
7. sudo sh (what i named it)

Despite all this my fps is incredibly low and in instances i freeze with looping sound (though i understand this may be the design of my card). In Winecfg I don't have ubuntu managing windows, am using OSS, and Windows XP. My PSU advertised 6 pin connector but only came with a 1x Molex-6 pin pcie power adapter so today i opened up the case and replaced the 1xmolex adapter with a 2x molex adapter with no difference. (I heard the 1x could be a bottleneck) Finally I'd like to add im using the DVA-> VGA adapter because the lcd monitor is a few years old. Edit: LoL I forgot to add "Please help". I don't much care if you know the exact problem off hand I'd kind of just like a response. All my posts on ubuntu forums go ignored.
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