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Default In response to Matt...

Hi Matt. I am sorry you ran into abuse that way (the quote you give at the end of your post). Still, whenever someone go public with an opinion, we see this kind of response, no matter the subject or the person. Some people have culture and brains... and some don't - and show it. An unfortunate but inevitable consequence of the Net being open for all. Still, I do understand why you don't exactly go out of your way to invite such comments; I wouldn't, either.

I have made a search at the Inquirer, looking for references to 3DGPU. I found exactly two occurrences, one with and one without a link. And looking at your site, I find that you are actually linking to the Inquirer far more often than not. So yes, I owe you an apology. My mistake.

By the way, the link at the end of your post does not work but returns a fatal error.

I do stand by the rest of my post, however. And there is a significant difference between humour, factual information, rumour/indications based information, and misinformation. With a site like the Inquirer, those small words like "may" or "indicates" or "perhaps" are immensely important. I doubt very much you could write an intelligible article about budding trends and indicators without them. And you certainly can't remove them from an article and then criticize it for its lack of accuracy. Yes, I guess articles like that may have an impact on the stock markets. But then, any kind of article - factual based or expressing personal views - may impact the stock markets. This does not mean that we should refrain from writing them.
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