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Default Networking Vista to Vista

Hi guys,

Just a quick question really...

I've got a couple of boxes with XP on that I share the C: on for simplicity reasons more than anything else... but I'm having some bother with Vista (doing the same).

I must confess, I've not really sat down and looked at it, but I need to get it sorted.

Basically, the guy has relaxed as much security as he can find, but accessing anything but "Public" documents/files/folders is a no no.

Is there something obvious I should be looking for? He just says that he's not been "granted permission" I'd like to just get to a point where I can create a new short cut for him on his desktop and use \\<PC NAME>\<NETWORK RESOURCE> and he can double click and move stuff about (like he always used to on his XP boxes). Vista is causing him all sorts of headaches, but he thinks XP is some sort of embarrassing step back now.

I appreciate that you might not be able to exclusively share your C: with someone because this is a shoddy security practice, but I can't imagine you can't just grant access to all on files/folders other than the public docs? They're visible on the network, but not accessible.

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