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Default Re: Brightness control not working with nVidia driver

Originally Posted by tier
it would be *really* nice if nvidia would put that higher on their priority list.. it should be _very_ easy reproducable and investigateable.... So fixing it should not be too hard, except they're rewriting the complete driver....

But missing this feature _SUCKS_ -.-

Open your drivers and i do it myself...
/me 110% Agreeing LCD brightness control not working is yet another lack of care of linux laptop customers, together with being a really nasty surprise for who spends a lot of money on professional laptops like we did.

Thinking my battery could last 1hour more if just you @nvidia did your homework, or simply go opensource (it's high time guys, wake up, we're in 2008) makes me shiver.

As a Linux from-factory adopter, if I was in DELL people I would boycott Nvidia graphic chips. In the meanwhile, somebody told me also these people does nice graphic hardware .
Check it out..
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