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Default Re: Ubuntu 7.1 & Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 400 Driver Install Help

NvFuchs, thnanks for ur cooperation...
I read ur post ,the sticky & readme..I understood very little-let me tell you first.
I followed BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia, tried Resticted Drivers, it says the source for the package NVidia-glx is not allowed. I checked Synaptic Pckg Manager, there is nothing under Nvidia-glx while other "Nvidia" has some...
Then I tried ENVY; it wants to download via internet(that is now unavilable). It also says "handling dependencies (.....)... are required" to set up.
At last I used sudo stopping X window. But the installation process asked kernell, searched net connection...
My head is aching... Now what should I do?
Try with Internet connection via lan?
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