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Default Re: 9600 GT, WoW, WINE- low fps black screen

Originally Posted by kenjitamura
Chunkey could you elaborate on the mesa/software rendering theory? Im at a loss as to what that could be. (Im still wearing the linux noob brand) also, just to make sure it wasn't the memory i tested each individual stick for an hour with windows memory diagnostic (all tests succeeded). Then I removed each stick and ran glx gears with them individually. One stick actually got me a bit more fps than the other but there could be a lot of reasons for that. Using A-Data DDR2-800 2x2gb.
well, no.. it isn't mesa/software rendering...
(or you would have "direct rendering: No" instead of Yes...)

The issues seems to be somewhere else... do you have other games?
(especially one with a native linux client like ut2004, doom 3 or quake 4?)

EDIT: ut2004 demo ~77 MB
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