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Originally Posted by glObalist
Didn't you know Dvahlish turned this subforum into her own private WoW forum?
Indeed I did!
Gives me something to read at work and I actually do like getting people opinions on things to

Personally...Im not overly impressed with the patch....dumbed the game down way too much, all the things that people used to strive toards have now been made achieveable by any 12 yr old kid.
A lot of the hardcore players I know have become a bit disheartend now and Im guessing it might be the end of playtime for quite a few ppl.
I myself am just waiting now for Wh online to come out then I think Ill be throwing it in myself.

I guess the one good thing was 2 min AV queue and we still kicked the allis arses.

Sorry..I didnt put "wo" in the title...I presumed that ppl that played wow would know this was aimed at them
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