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Question NVidia & custom kernel problem

I can't seem to make the nvidia driver work with a custom (as in "one I built") kernel.
The symptom is a "Display driver not found" and "Screens found but none have a usable configuration" when starting X, after which the machine hangs up.

I tried both 2.4.18-14 and 2.4.20-8. The corresponding default RPM kernels happen to work just fine.

The install of the nvidia driver is always successful, even for custom kernels - the only difference then being the install can't find a precompiled version of the module and must build it by itself (probably because custom kernel are named differently - 2.4.20-8custom instead of 2.4.20-8, for instance).

I can't figure if the problem comes from the nvidia install when building and installing the driver, or if my custom kernel happens to have a particular config option disabled (RPM kernel provide support for just about anything).

Last details: I did install kernel sources and I do re-install the nvidia driver after booting up with the custom kernel.

I didn't attach my XF86Config: it's certainly OK since it works real fine with the RPM kernel.

Thanks for the help.

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