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Originally Posted by jeffmd
hehe, vr just got buffed to hard mode. Actually his pre-target for orbs was a bug and fixed. People are generaly assuming this is why boss mods no longer work, but its not. There IS a bug in that his orb warning text which apparently contains the targets name in the combat log is not being sent, so I guess atm there is only a vocal warning. It will be fixed in a future patch.

Until then, lrn2play?
yeah the switching target was a bug fix so he never turned away from the tanks to help with positional issues such as melee and back stabs.

now you get:

1. No warning you are getting orbed
2. Orb animated and orb damage that do not sync. I.E. you see the animation hit, and a second later you take damage, or you take damage, then a second later you see the orb hit. How do you avoid that.
3. 2 or more orbs that can get fired in a row at the same target
4. Invisa orbs (similar to issue 2)
5. A new random threat drop of some kind where he will randomly change the person 5th or 6th on the agro list. one of his prime random targets is healers... yeah how is that ever good?

they had the intention to add combat log entries for the orb targeting, so that is coming. as far as the random charging, I just don't know. Now the orb animation sync issues go away when you at least get a warning. Synced or not you at least know you need to move.
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