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Default Re: What was the best 1x AGP graphics card?

Originally Posted by Lenin
Well, if you're satisfied with Windows 3.1... it's just too damn slow for anything above that
More like windows 95 or 98

Originally Posted by EciDemon
Hehe the memories ...
I used to run a gf3ti200 in my old AmdK6III 450@475mhz o_O, quite the performance difference compared to a gf2mx200 hehe.

The gf3 migrated into a Tbred 2400+ with 512mb ram and when OCed would outperform my OCed 5200ultra in 3dmarks 2k1... either way, it was insane OC on the Gf3 back in the day (past ti500 specs), and it made a difference. The 5200u was very OC friendly too, but due to other limitations, you just didnt see much of a gain.

While the GF3 worked in both puters, the 5200u would only work on the Tbred machine.
Now the gf3 sits in the old K3 puter again and collects dust
I had one of those, in my first (1.33 GHZ Athlon) rig after having a Geforce2.....worked great with MOHAA, and JK2.
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