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Wink Jeeze Blue, MikeC too?

Do you know every cool webmaster around the net or what?!?

I actually agree with both of you on this; there is room for argument either way. (I know I've argued it enough! ) Bottom-line is it's Zardon's call to make and his reasons for doing so are valid and justified....not to mention they work.

I agree there are no where near as many active posters as there are members, but the same is true for most forums. Also, it does tend to encourage return visits once you've registered as well as cutting down on the spam/flames/crazy-weirdness. (Although I'll be the first to admit that we had our fair share of that too, and they probably still do. Someday I'll write a book.... ) You have to admit, DH is doing alright for itself for only being about 14 months old.

"Vote with your wallet!", if you don't like it don't go there....but you'll be missing out on a truly great and unique site.
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