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Default XFX 680i LT O/C Lockup Win XP

Hi all. Running in to a little problem. I just picked up a XFX 680i lt board and from I've been reading is a great O/C board. It even advertise as being extreme overclocking on the box. Well, I can't nudge it at all dispite using the 680i guides that are out on the net. Even just a slight bump to the fsb(220 or so) locks up the system a few seconds in to windows.

My specs:

XFX 680i LT
E4500(stock cooler)
evga 8800gts 512(back from team red )
2gigs Crucial Balistix 5300
Antec 500Earthwatt PS(sonata III case)
Win XP sp2, all updates.

Also have the NV system software loaded, 6.10 I believe.

Now I can run stable at spec and everthing on auto. The slightest hint of an OC and it boots up to XP but freezes 5 seconds in, everytime.

Asus G74sx-Republic of Gamer Laptop
3dmark06 16,128(stock)
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