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Default Re: XFX 680i LT O/C Lockup Win XP

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
Hi all. Running in to a little problem. I just picked up a XFX 680i lt board and from I've been reading is a great O/C board. It even advertise as being extreme overclocking on the box. Well, I can't nudge it at all dispite using the 680i guides that are out on the net. Even just a slight bump to the fsb(220 or so) locks up the system a few seconds in to windows.

My specs:

XFX 680i LT
E4500(stock cooler)
evga 8800gts 512(back from team red )
2gigs Crucial Balistix 5300
Antec 500Earthwatt PS(sonata III case)
Win XP sp2, all updates.

Also have the NV system software loaded, 6.10 I believe.

Now I can run stable at spec and everthing on auto. The slightest hint of an OC and it boots up to XP but freezes 5 seconds in, everytime.


Unless you plan to go SLI you should have not even bothered with the POS 680I board and should have instead purchased an intel P35 or something along those lines.

Intel boards are far far far more stable and overclock without all of the fuss that you get out of the 680I boards not to mention all the instability issues and FSB holes that still plague Nvidia Chipsets.
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