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Default Re: XFX 680i LT O/C Lockup Win XP

Well I did have an Asus P5K(P35) but had nothing but issues with that board even at stock settings or spec settings. After researching there was a ton of negative feedback about Asus bios and quality going down hill. So after two of those boards boot and post issues I went with this board. Put it together, booted right up, always boots. It just won't O/C the least bit. I just tried a 7 fsb increase and it locked windows.

I thought SLI would be nice for future upgrades when that time comes where a game I'm playing could use the added horsepower. Simple upgrade(I think).

I dunno, have a few days off of work and just want to get a stable machine with a decent O/C being everything I read these e4500 do 3.0MHz no sweat.

I may just go get that Gigabyte board that supports DDR2-3. I've read nothing but good things about GB.

Not to mention this boards N and S bridge fans scream. Not good.
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