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Default Re: XFX 680i LT O/C Lockup Win XP

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
Well I did have an Asus P5K(P35) but had nothing but issues with that board even at stock settings or spec settings. After researching there was a ton of negative feedback about Asus bios and quality going down hill. So after two of those boards boot and post issues I went with this board. Put it together, booted right up, always boots. It just won't O/C the least bit. I just tried a 7 fsb increase and it locked windows.

I thought SLI would be nice for future upgrades when that time comes where a game I'm playing could use the added horsepower. Simple upgrade(I think).

I dunno, have a few days off of work and just want to get a stable machine with a decent O/C being everything I read these e4500 do 3.0MHz no sweat.

I may just go get that Gigabyte board that supports DDR2-3. I've read nothing but good things about GB.

Not to mention this boards N and S bridge fans scream. Not good.

Yeah im sorry but I should have mentioned to stay away from Asus, now my last board was an Asus P5b Deluxe and that was a great board and I never had an issue with it at all but from what I have heard the asus P35 boards etc are horrible.

Gigabyte is the way to go, they make really good P35 boards and are highly recommended. What resolution do you game at anyway? with all these dual cards coming out you really do not need to worry about having an SLI board anyway.

Intel board + 9800GX2 card is the best and most stable way to go if SLI is a must for you.
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