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Default Re: Full physics for DX 9 multiplayer

Wow, I wonder how much MS paid Crytek to keep the MP physics on DX10. Really makes me mad that I bought Crysis. There really is nothing DX9 can't do, but when they try this hardball crap that really makes me mad.

*Whine whine* - "Don't reverse engineer cause you are smarter than us and we want you to all buy Vista in order to get online DX10 physics..." I think I lost any respect I had left for Crytek with those statements, thats BS. Enable DX9 MP physics, obviously it can do it and its prolly 20% faster than DX10. I tried Vista, hated it and use XP exclusively.

So I can't have MP physics and trying to force them is infringement? Hey Crytek buying your POS alien game has been nothing but infringing to me. Piss off.
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