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Default Re: Is NVIDIA ever going to fix the xinerama + composite problems?

Originally Posted by AaronP
The X server doesn't support Xinerama and Composite at the same time.
Hi Aaron!

Can you please point me to a discussion that sheds some light on what the actual
problem with composite and xinerama is? The situation is that whenever i (briefly)
try to google something on that topic, then the only answer is "it doesn't work",
so i couldn't yet figure out what would need to be done to fix this issue. Since 3D
games work flawlessly with acceptable FPS across three LCDs at 4800x1200, i'm
wondering why composite shall be such a pain?

Having three or more displays is reeeeealy nice for work and gaming. I would
expect that more people will adopt such setups in future. Since i'm still using
the good old fvwm95 the situation is not that urgent for me: none of the modern
WM features "manual window placement".


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