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Default Viewable area bigger than TV display

I'm currently Trying to set up my geforce 8800 GTX on UBUNTU linux 7.10 32 bit

I have a sharp 42 in ch aquos TV(1080P). and I'm connect from the card tot eh TV via the div port with a div to hdmi cable

I've got teh graphics driver to run right, but I'm having problems with my desktop being larger than my tv's display, I'm actually loosing about an inch all round the perimeter for my display, so i can't see menu bars and what not

How can i shrink the size of the image that is being displayed on my TV to make it fit.

In windows vista i simply used the slider tool to shrink the display size till everything fit properly, but i don't see this option in Linux.

Looking at my xorg, i notice its using my tv as a generic monitor, and i believe that to be the crux of the problem
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