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Default Re: PATCH 2.4

On the new isle, several guildies and non-guildies alike reported extreme lag issues; to the point they couldn't even move or control their chars movement. Dunno, for one of the people the issue subsided some, going into Magister's Terrace. Had to summon him to portal from the fp down there, he couldn't ride his mount it was so laggy....

All in all, I haven't had it this bad, but I have seen fps dip to like 12 fps, where I'm normally higher then that. He was getting like 3 fps. For comparison, shat gives in the 30s.

Otherwise, I think the layout on dailies could have been better planned out; such as putting the ali/horde on opposite sides of the isle, and giving multiple spawn points. As is, there's a literal sea of people, as shat has gone kinda empty by comparison (or did back at start of phase 1), and the entire realm hit sunwell. When phase 2 opened several days ago, there were so many people, without turning off names, one just saw a sea of blue, all blending together over the entire area.

The bombing is particularly bad, as having so many people do it; the mobs are practically always dead before one gets there; resulting in getting only 2 or so mobs a bombing. Now those stupid sorcerers are never alive this time of day. For the realm, it's still like 1 or 2 PM ST; not even evening for them yet.... Oh, and dropping a bomb and getting the error "you are mounted" is rather strange. Of course I'm on the stupid Belf flying mount thingie; it's part of the quest. Happened once today, and once yesterday.

Oh, and for now, with MT, for last boss.... Limit the party to 1 melee class, and if the healer isn't a priest then get a shadow priest for the blessing that heals the whole party at once. Might not happen to all; but when we went down, the floatie ball thingie that messes up gravity got re-caste 2 secs after we were back on ground. The damage from some of the attacks, were well in excess of what Blizzard reported it should be (which wouldn't have phased the paly healer so much, except he was left wondering about healign whole party at once, and getting 2 melee in to down it in < 2 secs). Replacing the enh shamy with a shadow priest downed it, even though the shadow priest died early in the encounter. That setup with 1 melee was doable however, and got 2 mins before the realm got another random restart we've seen every day since patch.
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