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Default Re: Linux users need a good driver for nvidia products!

Ok, I by new PSU (450W, good quality)... Install new driver 171.06. And today I have 2 hard lockups!!! What to do now??? I change video card (7300LE -> 6600), I change PSU (noname 400W -> Great Wall Hopely 450P4 450W), I try latest driver, I try legacy driver, I try newest version BIOS, I try oldest version BIOS, I try maxcpus=1 and else, I try rebuild kernel with different configuration, I try to install many coolers (on box, mobo chipset and etc. Lockups happens with CPU=40C, mobo=35C and GPU=42C) and all this don't help. May be I have try to bless my computer with a holly water? :-) On windows and nv it's ok, but I need OpenGL for Blender and etc...!!!
PS: I'm sorry, but my english is very bad
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