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Default Re: I have a Sony 40" LCD 1366x768

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX
ok thx mate

i would buy me a 24" monitor as i have my 17" approx. 1m away and the 40" TV is about 2.5m away from the couch

but i find the 24" monitors pretty expensive here in sweden is there any knwon monitors supporting 1920x1080p?
You really don't need 1080p support on a 24 inch screen. A HD resolution is nothing but just that - a resolution just like 1920x1200. So if you want to get the full benefit of Full HD you will have to get a TV with at least 1920x1080 pixels. A 1920x1200 screen fills this requirement and specific 1080p support isn't needed. All this HD crap is just marketing so stop thinking that it's something special. The only thing that sets a 1080p supporting display apart from a non-supporting one is that the display is capable of resizing a signal of 1920x1080pixels to fill the entire screen. This isn't really a feature needed for computers, since gpus can do this as well, and are often better at it that than the display itself. This is why you can resize the movie window to fill the entire screen.
The only thing you need to worry about is the refresh rate, because unless the display supports a refresh rate that matches the refresh rate of the movie, stuttering is going to occur. This is why methods like 3:2 pulldown and 2:2 pulldown have been invented - to prevent this thing from becoming an issue. These methods are in a way "emulating" 24p support for either 60hz or 50Hz displays, by speeding up or slowing down the film.
Generally computer monitors don't support this feature and that is what separates 'em from, lcd TVs. GPUs however, once again, make up for this shortcoming(inverse telecine).

I'd say go with a TV if you prefer functionality and don't mind the higher price, otherwise I'd say go with a monitor if you don't mind having to do a lot of tuning and not being able to sit on your couch while playing or watching a movie.(pm me if you want the explanation in swedish )
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