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Default Re: DirectX 10 titles

Originally Posted by mkanet
Thanks guys for all your information. Wow, it goes to show how significant artwork is in a game. For someone like me who doesnt know anything about the engineering behind video games, to my eyes, the bottom line is, Bioshock looks "better" than pretty much any games I've seen; regardless of polygon count and 3D engine. I'm definitely going to buy DiRT. I can't find it at any local stores and may just ordered it from Amazon. If there any other games you guys could think of with really good artwork and just fun to play, I'd really appreciate your recommendations!
Racing games or just any other gener ? in both cases check the gaming forum. there are tons of good looking games listed there.

& after you play DIRT & like it you might need to keep an eye on the upcoming GRID (uses the Neon engine , same graphics engine used in DIRT - DX9)

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