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Default Re: Is NVIDIA ever going to fix the xinerama + composite problems?

I was also thinking of getting rid of Xinerama by using DualHead2Go:

But apart from the issues mentioned on the above linked posting,
i figured out in the mean time that the DH2G Digital Edition box only
has a VGA input. Even if the box would be all DVI, you might
loose performance, because Xinerama actually scales pretty well:
for example a glxgears window of size 3200x1200 has about
880 FPS when it is fully placed on a 3200x1200 twinview screen
(the left and the middle LCD in my setup). When moving the
glxgears windows so that it covers the middle and the right
LCD (driven by different video cards), then the frame rate increases
to 1640 FPS!

Also, i'm seriously considering purchasing six LCDs (3x2 setup),
so a single card solution for sure wouldn't work :-)


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