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Default Re: How can I play WMA files in Untuntu...

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Ubuntu 8.04 would be the perfect alternative OS to Windows for me, if only I could play my music. I know I can alway burn all of my songs to CD, as either MP3s or regular audio CDs, and play 'em that way. But that's a lot of CDs, and a lot of burning.

So, I'm hoping somebody here might know of a simple way to get WMA files to play in Ubuntu. Is there a special application I should be using? Special plugin for a specific player? I tried installing Wine, and then Windows Media Player 11 and 10. But neither worked. Both would fail to start.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Very easily... try this command "sudo apt-get install win-32 codecs", without the quotes.

If you wanna watch dvds go ahead and grab those as well, "sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2''

You may have to enable a different repo, so if that command doesn't find it try enabling universe, or multiverse I can't remember which.

Ubuntu has very good documentation, so check the wiki and forums, as any question you have in the future will most likely be answered there.
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