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SonGoku, errr, after %50 its an all gravity-less fight. The fact that he drops you and enters a weakend state is VERY good because thats the time you can dps him (touching the floor in gravity-less state = major damage). Also after %50, you no longer need a tank which is super in heroic mode because alot of times you may miss being able to interupt the pyro and end up with a dead tank (pali and warrior can sometimes combat this with their own abilities, druids can not). So its nice to just worry about dodging balls, heal the small AoE damage that happens, and then rip kal a rightfully deserved new behind.

As for the bombing run, yea, the casters are WAY less numerous then the should be. However this is pretty easy to fix by forming a bombing run group. You should only need about 2 runs then. Have everyone target casters first so you can get those out of the way. the casters and pit lords are seperated so when your past one, you can start killing the other. and the smaller bosses just kill when nothing else is in range.
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