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Originally posted by ATI LoVeR 9700
6 Months later, and it was buggy, really buggy. I remember that. Most people know.
Would you care to provide some evidence either from your own experience or referring to sites on the net that says the GF3 suffered from bugs six months after its release?

Sure, it had problems when it initially came out with some things, but it was not on the order of magnitude of the 9700. Hell, when you put a GF3 and even an 8500 for that matter in your system you could at least count on it giving you a display when you powered on your machine from a cold boot.

Speaking of bugs, I bought my GF3 3 months after it came out. I installed it with the 12.90 drivers and never had a single problem playing games. Everything was top-notch. And there are plenty of other people here and even those trolls at Rage3D who will say the same thing.

I bought a Radeon 8500 6 months after it came out. I had 4 sets of drivers handy: latest official from Gigabyte, latest official from ATI, latest beta from ATI and Omega's drivers. All of them were stable in that the card never caused my system to lockup or cause my games to crash but every set I tried suffered from graphical glitches and anomalies that never existed with my GeForce3. The biggest problems I had were 1) I could never get PowerDVD to work properly with that card (and that's what shipped with my Gigabyte 8500), 2) UT suffered poor performance and glitches in OpenGL and 3) no support for 3D in Linux. I might have been patient had I bought the card immediately upon its release but this was 6 months after the card had been available and having experienced these issues (and others) was simply unacceptable.

I understand that your experience has been different. However, making a blanket statement that the GF3 was buggy six months after it came out, offering the reason as "Most people know" without providing any additional information is pretty ludicrous.

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