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Default Re: Crysis Dx10 resolution problem

Originally Posted by Toss3

So I've run into a weird problem - I get a ton of different resolution options when running the game in dx9 mode, while I get almost none when running the game in Dx10. This is driving me insane, because how can there be a difference between the two?

Why I ask is because I want to use 1080i while playing, due to the fact that it's the only resolution I can get TruMotion(100Hz) to work with(this works with 720p as well, but at that resolution the game looks horrible).

Setting custom resolutions doesn't work with the dx10 version while it works without a hitch with the dx9 version.

Could someone here check if you've got more resolution options when running the game in dx9 when compared to the dx10 version?

Thanks in advance!
Check which NVidia driver you're using, I had the same issue with certain Forceware drivers,
with the current official and beta driver all the resolutions are available in DX10.
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