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Default Re: THX says Blu-ray is dead. Does that mean no Star Wars in HD?

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
Not sure about USB 2.0's 50MB/s. Accorded to wikipedia, Hi-speed USB 2.0 give 60MB/s, it take about 14 mins to write 50GB. With next generation USB 3.0 will give 600MB/s that will take over a min to write 50GB.
I was just talking theoretically about a future drive rated at 50MB/s. 60MB/s may be the capability of USB 2.0 itself, but 30MB/s is the fastest advertised write speed I've seen for a flash drive. There may be a couple lower capacity drives that are marginally faster, but Corsair has stated 32GB is the highest they can go on current technology (which costs about $150). Sure, things will get better, but I still think it is a long way off. 600MB/s is alot faster then any one desktop hard drive available, and the USB 2.0 interface hasn't even been saturated yet. Personally, I think anything over 1 min wouldn't be practical for retail in this since, putting the drive requirement at 833MB/s+. Optical disks are probably the fastest most cost effective way to store and sell HD content right now and in the near future, which is why so much has been invested into them. Internet speed certainly isn't there yet. To stream a 2 hour, 50GB movie without issue would require about a 60Mbps connection. Quality can be reduced or buffering can be done at the beginning, but my 8Mbps line would have a hard time, not to mention the 5Mbps average in the US.
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