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Default Re: 1080p 24Hz on PS3

Originally Posted by hoop
im not sure but i could have swore that the 24mhz thingy came as an option on my TV not my PS3, could be wrong but i never noticed it till i got my new TV.
i have a 52" Sony BRAVIA XBR 1080p LCD with 120Hz
and ya i can tell a big differnce when 24mhz is enable, not sure if its cause of my TV but WOW! man thats all i can say about it.
Native 24p support is the best for viewing blu-ray movies; otherwise it has to speed up the frames to match the refresh rate of the TV(3:2 pulldown). So the setting should be set to on(or automatic) for those with 24p native support(note that there's a difference between accepting a 24Hz signal and displaying it correctly; many TVs accept a 24Hz signal but have to perform the pulldown themselves in order to display it correctly), and disabled for everyone else(this way the ps3 performs the pulldown).

This 24Hz thing is really confusing...
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