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Default Projector in clone mode under Linux


I have some troubles to make my projector working... I tried with nvidia-settings and by modifying xorg.conf manually, but got no satisfactory results, moreover, all information that I've found were quite outdated, so this is why I am here!

I'm using Gentoo Linux, here are my settings
[*] nvidia-drivers-169.12
[*] nvidia-settings-169.07
[*] xorg-server- (native screen resolution is 1920x1200)
[*] my make.conf contains VIDEO_CARDS="nvidia vesa fbdev" and the nvidia and xinerama use flag are set.

When I connect a projector to my laptop, I got awful resolutions on the beamer (either 640x480 or even worse or just a part of my screen).
But If I start my computer with the beamer connected, I got a correct screen resolution on the beamer, but have no display at all on my laptop.

What I want is that when I connect a beamer on my laptop, I got correct resolutions on both screens, with the screen "cloned".

I look forward to reading your answers!
Thank you very much.


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