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Unhappy nvdia driver for GeForce 6600 freezes ubuntu

I have Ubuntu 7.10 and nVidia Ge Force 6600 card. After installation of nVidia driver I have a frreze of my system. It can happend while in any moment(usually after 2-5 minuties after swithin on). Step does not moving, sound disappears. After pressing alt+ctrl+backspase I have 3 blinked lamps( it`s stays caps lock and scroll lock and third lamp). But nothing can save me except for reset button. This problems appears after installation of nVidia driver. If I uninstall this driver this bug disappears. I`ve tried to install many nVidia drivers( from off site of nvidia, from envy etc.) but bug appeared again and again.
I`ve tried to write in boot options acpi=off, noapic, nolapic, remove quiet and splash, noacpi, pci=noacpi etc but this could not solve my problem.
I`m using compiz and emerald but freeze appears when I do not use 3d effects of desctop, it can appears for ex. while message typing or while I do nothing on the desctop...
Please, help me!!! And sorry for my very bad english, I`m from russia.
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