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Default Re: Poor 2D performance with 8600gt

Originally Posted by txf
There are plenty of other posts on the forum complaining of the same thing...not much you can do about it now.

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2
It may help a little bit in some cases (opposite effect in others, depends on your usage). You could also change your gtk engine to a lighter on (dunno if you already do but engines like Murrine are much slower than say...clearlooks).

As for movies, they should not b slow. Are you watching them with xv enabled or high-def h.264?

How high is your xorg cpu usage?

Nvidia really needs to fix this...its only going to get worse as themes get richer and more dependent on render. I believe this slowness will also extend to the 9 series, anyone care to rebut?
what does InitialPixmapPlacement do ?
now I am using clearlooks engine and overall 2D performance is a lot better ! especially working with menus and browsing web sites. But still performance is poor

My friend is using an onboard graphic card ( Intel chipset ) and his computer performance (2d) is a lot better than me !

could you please testing following link :
its a flash movie ( like youtube) try to watch it in fullscreen , with my friend computer its showing fine ! ( my friend's computer's cpu is just a AMD 3000 but mine is Intel Q6600!) but with my computer its showing slow motion ! and xorg is using 100% cpu usage

For movies I am using NV ( I tried other video drivers but they aren't better ) when there is a fast action its a bit slow , ( like old graphic cards ) and its annoying

I have only 2 choices , saying byebye to Linux and using f**** windows and changing graphic card !
I heard Nvidia 7series have better support and performance in linux , is this true ?
I am not a gamer and I need to have a good 2D performance on dual display .

I hope Nvidia do something for linux users
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