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WoW! Do you feel threaten that you have to make personal attacks now?

Making the assumption amercians = dumbf&cks... Well you won't be gaining any kind of ground of acceptance off of that one. And you call me acting 12 years old?

You still don't get it. Taking something as a chart or an excerpt and turning it around into a news post that sounds something more when it's not is called, MISLEADING and not humour as what you put it.

Please explain then when companies such as take excerpts from the so called, humorous posts which the Inquirer is doing according to you and uses them to inform their investors, business clients of what may come out of it ? ? You find that humorous? I find that sad and very damaging to business's.

Are these the type of people that The Inquirer's viewers are based off of? Ouch... But it's o.k. we American are dumbf&cks. I forgot...

D. Solomon Jr.
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