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Thumbs down Why does it take 6 steps to get nvidia + compiz running smooth, fast, not torn ?

Hi to everyone,

the following post is definitely not a rant and is meant to be productive !

I'm an "average ubuntu user" with a common piece of hardware (nvidia 7600). My concern is that, in order to get a working, fast and smooth Compiz, even with the latest Ubuntu beta and nvidia drivers, I still have to go through a little tedious 6+ steps process. I don't really mind personally. But many "casual" or "novice" users maybe stumble upon it and give up.

Please let me describe it.

By default, if I enable the desktop effects in Ubuntu, animations are quite slow, choppy and "torn". Some may find them bearable, but they definitely aren't ! To make them perfect, you have to :

1- Add "Option "TripleBuffer" "True"" in xorg.conf, otherwise, animation is slow (and also some games and opengl apps are slow)

2- Add "Option "DynamicTwinView" "false"" in xorg.conf, otherwise, compiz doesn't detect the right refresh rate and thus, animations are choppy

3- install "ccsm" (advanced desktop effects settings)

4- run ccsm and set, in general options -> display settings : detect refresh rate : yes ; sync to vblank : yes

5- run nvidia-settings and tick "sync to vblank" as well in openGL settings (otherwise animations are torn)

6- add the following command line to be run at startup (in the "sessions menu of ubuntu for instance) : "nvidia-settings -l"

Done !

I really think it's annoying. What do you think ? Who is to "blame" ? Compiz team ? Ubuntu team ? Nvidia ? Xorg ? I don't care who's at fault, but I really think something should be done !

(PS : an additional step for people who like me use 2 separate X screens :

- disable compiz in the ubuntu apparency desktop settings
- launch it manually in the sessions menu with "compiz --replace --only-current-screen" and launch metacity (or compiz) on the other screen like so "metacity --display=:0.1"

But that's definitely not an nvidia issue

Thanks for reading, folks ! Please tell me what you think !

PS : of course, the distribution could produce an xorg with proper settings but that clearly doesn't solve everything
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