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Originally posted by SnakeEyes

ATI Lover, I really want to respect your opinion, but this sort of thing makes it hard to do. I bought GF3 within a month of its release, and I play a LOT of different games (well, tried a lot, play a few..). I can't recall any bugs with anything I tried (and trust me, there were many that weren't in the popular list of benchmarking games / apps that are commonly seen around the net). Performance issues with some things, sure.. at least compared to the numbers I recall seeing posted by GF2Ultra owners, but no bugs.

Heck, even the features that aren't supported now, or have still gone totally unused except maybe for tech demos (the tesselation support is NOW turned off, not because it was broken, but because DX's attempting to use them to emulate ATI's TruForm stuff caused massive performance hits. Then there was volumetric textures, which we didn't know about at the initial GF3 release [free feature], but was enabled with the arrival of GF3Ti) weren't buggy.

Later drivers fixed most of the performance issues too.

So far as I have seen, ATI is the company with the history of true bugs.
Ditto, got my Hercules GF3 about a month after they were released. Cant remember EVER having any kind of problem with it or some sort of imcopatability, I CAN remember getting all excited everytime a new Det was leaked and watching my 3dmark score climb and climb and climb.
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