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Default Re: Poor 2D performance with 8600gt

Originally Posted by alex1020
I've tested all nvidia drivers (100.xx 169.xx 171.xx ) 171 was the worst ! maybe because its beta ?

I've added all those options to my xorg.conf but I cant see any noticeable difference

I don't know why firefox is eating 90-100% of cpu usage when I am in this forum , maybe its because of top flash banner ?

1. xorg in ubuntu already has the most important options enabled by default so adding them to xorg.conf won't really make a difference for most situations

2. Get Adblock plus ff extension and kill those flash banners...kill them dead!

btw my laptop is a C2D 2.4Ghz and my gfx card is an 8600m GT, so for most (esp single threaded) cases its the same speed
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