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Originally posted by Geforce4ti4200
I dont see why you cant break 20k marks, even on a stock ti4200 at 250/500 if the cpu is fast enough. Your nature score wont change but your others will, although it wont scale very well at all. If the cpu is fast enough, its possible. However, the geforce2mx scales very, very little but a ti4200 scales far more and probably can scale to like 10GHz, especially car chase high details anyway. and yes I care because my games also get faster. If games run too slow, get a new cpu
My feeling is that the video card wil become the bottleneck even before then as it becomes fillrate limited.

It's an interesting problem though, I guess the way to test it is to see when it becomes gpu limited at 1600x1200 and then 1280x1024 and then try and work out what the value would be for 1024x768 at 250/500.

It is an interesting point in the real world, as you say, because there is always that juggling between whether to buy the latest video card or making sure the rest of the system is doing it justice. This time, with all the oo-haa over nv30 and then unclear between nv35 and 9800 Pro I decided to spend my money on a P4 and 875i and so still have a 4200/4800SE rather than the latest. I'll look at nv40 when I have saved up enough which will be 2004 anyhow.


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